Hire SA is distributed to over 3600 relevant recipients who have the decision-making responsibilities when it comes to purchasing or up-grading equipment. The journal carries ground breaking, exclusive and up-to-date articles that keep our readers abreast on industry news and upcoming events. Hire SA prides itself on its level of professionalism, far-reaching and broad-based subject matter and its position in the publishing industry as a valuable source of information. The Where to Rent/Buy sections at the back of Hire SA will provide readers with an informative directory for equipment used in the industry.

Hire SA will provide readers with a comprehensive overview of products suitable for both the rental and end user markets in the following sectors:

  • Small- to medium-sized construction and industrial equipment;
  • Large earthmoving, industrial, demolition and mining/quarrying equipment;
  • Lifting and materials handling equipment; and
  • Equipment for people working at height.

Hire SA will focus on technological developments across the spectrum of targeted equipment through in-depth technical articles derived from all product suppliers.

A variety of equipment will be featured in actual projects giving readers and the end users an overview of the capabilities of this equipment, making purchasing decisions easier to make.
Issues in the various market sectors will be raised, particularly through interviews with industry players. These will include health and safety, legal compliance and labour concerns, business-related matters and company successes.