Cummins to power up Middle East Electricity 2018

Alok Joshi-Cummins

Alok Joshi, director of Cummins Power Generation Africa and Middle East

Cummins will showcase its latest QSG12 genset at the 2018 Middle East Electricity (MEE). This represents a major advantage for Tier 4 Final and Stage IV equipment installations by restoring the envelope size of the QSM11 predecessor used for Tier 3 and Stage IIIA applications.

Higher-efficiency air-handling and advanced combustion enable the QSG12 to return to the simplicity of a wastegated turbocharger, and achieve near-zero emissions without the need for a cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system. As a result, internal loads on the QSG12 are reduced to free up extra power potential, while heat rejection is lowered by over 40 percent compared with engines using cooled EGR.

To be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the UAE from 6 to 8 March 2018, MEE is a perfect platform for Cummins to debut its refreshed product line-up for the power-generation sector, Alok Joshi, Cummins Power Generation, director, Africa and Middle East, comments.

‘Our new product range is based on the QSG12 power plant, which has a much higher power density. This means that we now have a true prime-power capability to offer our customers, based on both an emissions-optimised and a fuel-optimised variant,’ Joshi explains. ‘It is a definitive step forward for us, and also a much-improved product. It even has the capability to run parallel with both other gensets and grids.’

Cummins is a long-time exhibitor at MEE, having had a major presence at this leading power-generation exhibition for the past seven years. ‘It is a major event for us as it talks to the industry we are in. A lot of diesel genset manufacturers are also present, many of them powered by Cummins. Hence, it is not only a good platform to launch new products, but to engage with other OEMs as well.’

Joshi reveals that the genset market in Africa is growing, due to the unreliability of power grids and in the Middle East due to growing industrialisation. However, prevailing economic and political conditions continue to hamper growth in major markets. ‘The biggest growth area at the moment is in West Africa, where the focus is on markets such as the Ivory Coast and Senegal.’

Commenting on Cummins’ continued participation at MEE, Joshi concludes: ‘We want to be perceived as the power solutions provider of choice for a wide range of applications and industries. It is not just about supplying products, but the actual project execution on the ground, and how we are able to support those products throughout the lifecycle of a particular installation.

‘We want customers to see us as a complete solutions provider, combined with our aim to keep customers up to date with the latest technology and trends by introducing new products that will contribute to their bottom line by reducing their total cost of ownership.’


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