Dozer blade protection at the cutting edge

The new Cat High Abrasion Cast Cutting Edge System.Developed specifically for Cat D10 and D11 track-type tractors, the new Cat High Abrasion Cast Cutting Edge System is built specifically for extreme, high abrasion pushing applications with low to moderate impact, moving more material with less machine downtime, shift after shift. The system is designed for fitment on Cat universal and semi-universal blades.

The high abrasion end bits are now married up with complementary cast high abrasion cutting edges, a new development from Caterpillar. Typical abrasive pushing applications include feeding a shovel, stockpiling, or maintaining a pit floor. In these applications, end bits are designed for half the life of the reversible cast cutting edges.

Designed for longer life, Caterpillar’s new high abrasion cast cutting edges and end bits provide up to 40% longer wear life when compared to the Cat Extended Wear Life (EWL) ground engaging tool system.

A new edge measures approximately 40 cm (16 inches) in width with a thickness of 50 and 80 mm for Cat D10 and D11 systems, respectively. The edge should be regularly monitored and flipped once it reaches approximately 34 cm (13.5 inches). Then at approximately 28 cm (11 inches) the edge is due for replacement.

Excess wear on the base edge could lead to premature cutting edge breakage, which is why it’s important not to exceed 7.5 cm (three inches) of wear per side. Adopting this practice will ensure maximum wear life performance and contribute towards lowest cost production.


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