Goscor Cleaning Equipment unveils revamped showroom


The Tennant T500e scrubber-dryer provides for the highest performance on almost any hard-floor surface conditions

Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE), part of the Goscor Group, officially opened its newly-revamped, state-of-the-art showroom at its head office in Edenvale, Johannesburg to provide added value for customers, distribution partners, and staff members.

A feature of the upgraded showroom is that the floor comprises various materials for the purposes of ‘live’ demonstrations on an array of surfaces. The upgrades commenced in December 2017, and were completed in March this year.

‘We have invested a lot of time and resources in the newly-revamped facility to provide our staff and customers with improved training facilities, and also be able to showcase our broad product range to clients directly to enable them to operate the equipment for themselves,’ GCE national sales director Peter Esterhuizen explained at the launch event.

The showroom has also been equipped with audio-visual equipment for training purposes, and is also intended for use by customers. ‘We want customers to host their monthly sales meeting in our boardroom, after which GCE can provide their sales teams with comprehensive training sessions.

‘This is not limited to straightforward product training, but could also include how to clean floor surfaces correctly, discussions about the most suitable accessories for machines, or providing other training required as requested by clients,’ Esterhuizen highlighted.

Cleaning equipment brands distributed by GCE on display in the newly-revamped showroom are Ghibli, Elgin, Maer, Delfin, Green Machines, and Tennant. Also present at the launch event were GCE MD Greg Venter and Tennant Cleaning Solutions EMEA CEO Otto Rainer.

Speaking at the event, Venter reiterated that 2017 had been a very successful year for the company, which had resulted in the decision to revamp the showroom as a sign of appreciation for its many loyal customers.

The unveiling of the newly-revamped showroom coincided with the official South African launch of the Tennant T500e scrubber-dryer, which provides for the highest performance on almost any hard-floor surface conditions. The T500e is an upgrade of the T5, featuring new scrub-head sizes, and available in five different configurations.

Venter also used the opportunity to highlight Tennant’s products dedicated to reducing water consumption, a major ‘green’ trend in the cleaning industry at present. This includes its latest ec-H2O NanoClean technology, which electrically converts water into an innovative, detergent-free solution that cleans effectively, saves money, and reduces the environmental impact compared to daily floor-cleaning chemicals.

The converted water is created by an on-board e-cell that generates millions of tiny microscopic bubbles, known as nanobubbles that promote cleaning efficiency. This next-generation solution offers the same benefits of the first generation, but now also cleans more soil types in a wider range of applications.

Goscor-Cleaning Equipment showroom

Goscor Cleaning Equipment has officially opened its newly revamped state-of-the-art showroom at its head office in Edenvale

Another of Tennant’s water-saving technologies is the optional Extended Scrubbing (ES) system, which provides for extra scrubbing time on its scrubbers or sweeper-scrubbers. The Tennant ES is suitable for any detergent, from medium cleaners to heavy degreasers, for maximum flexibility. It recycles the water used, thus decreasing water consumption by 60 percent, resulting in a safer, greener, and far more cost-effective cleaning solution.

‘The key to producing industry-leading equipment is to strive for constant improvement. That is why Tennant is continually seeking to produce economic products that decrease power and water consumption,’ Rainer stressed.

He added that Tennant valued its long-standing relationship with GCE, and was extremely impressed with the level of customer service offered to Tennant customers. The association had catapulted both GCE and Tennant to the forefront of the industrial cleaning sector in South Africa.

‘It is wonderful to be present at the official launch of this newly-revamped showroom, which will undoubtedly play an invaluable role in further promoting Tennant, as well as the other brands that GCE supplies,’ Rainer concluded.


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