Pitram Connect Mobile App gives Mine Sites instant data

MicromineMICROMINE a provider of intuitive software solutions and services for the exploration and mining sector, has today launched the new mobile app, Pitram Connect, offering Pitram clients, access to a detailed up-to-date overview of their mine’s data on their smartphones and tablets.

Pitram clients can now easily track the performance of their mine’s data on the go, including people, equipment, production and location information. The app is available now on the App Store for iPhone (iOS10 and above) and on Google Play for Android phones (6.0 Marshmallow and above).

MICROMINE Product Strategy Manager Gareth Dean said the app was developed to meet client demands for convenient, 24/7 access to information on their mine’s data.

Having up to date, easy to understand information on your mine’s data is a vital part of real-time decision-making. The mobile app provides an overview of a mine status and offers information needed to make fast decisions.

The app has all the latest functionality of modern smartphones. Users can easily navigate between the different views; performance, equipment, locations and personnel screens via easy to use icons.

Any Pitram client that has Pitram 4.8 and the PRIS module can use the Pitram Connect mobile app. Pitram Restful Integration Services (PRIS) allows third party software applications to submit and retrieve Pitram data without needing direct access to the database.

Based on current, industry standard integration technology, PRIS enables any organisation to easily incorporate Pitram data into their Enterprise information systems.

PRIS utilises the Restful Service web service technology and provides a means for any third-party application, including mine design packages, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and corporate reporting systems, to extract data from Pitram.

Using this technology, systems can extract data from Pitram without the need for in-depth knowledge of how Pitram data is stored and without risking the integrity of the Pitram data.

Pitram Connect saves time, reduces radio traffic and the likelihood of misinterpretation, allowing the mine controller to focus on maintaining data integrity without interruption.


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