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A cross-section of a Cat sleeve bearing track systemBased on customer input, Caterpillar is working on a multi-generational product development plan, dedicated to creating optimum site solutions. With significant testing and design improvements, this will bring products to market faster. In turn, Caterpillar continues to enhance existing undercarriage systems across its model range.

An example is its sleeve bearing track system, which has more than ten years of proven performance in the field. This patented design has demonstrated its ability to eliminate galling between pins and bushings, thereby increasing track life. Extended intervals for bushing turns also reduce maintenance interventions.

Standard on all Cat D11N, D11R, and D11T track-type tractors, this undercarriage system is designed to operate at higher speeds and greater loads.

A more heavy duty track option is available for D11 size machines, which is ideal for abrasive conditions. This 100 percent proprietary system features a taller, tough steel link combined with patented bushing and sleeve bearings. This system provides for a 2 to 1 wear ratio between the links and bushings; alternatively, a 1 to 1 wear ratio for a ‘run to destruction’ methodology without a bushing turn. (The need for a turn is dependent on application and conditions.)

Rotary drills

The Cat D11 is Caterpillar’s largest track-type tractor model. The Cat D11T has an approximate operating weight of 104 257kg and is powered by a Cat C32 engine generating a net output (ISO 9249) of 634 kW.  Caterpillar’s new rotary drilling range is another example of how recent research and development (R&D) improvements are passing on cost per tonne savings.

A heavier track chain design increases durability for handling high field loads. The standard fitment of grease lubricated track reduces pitch extension wear for 20-40% increased chain life

Larger diameter idlers and a larger track roller tread reduce contact stress with the track links; and double flange rollers improve primary track guiding. In turn, stronger, welded roller guard assembly improves secondary track guiding.

Undercarriage assurance programmes

Backing Caterpillar’s proprietary engineering designs are a series of Undercarriage Assurance Programmes, which provide comprehensive support beyond standard new machine or parts warranties. They cover all major moving undercarriage components on Cat track-type tractors, track-type loaders, and track-type hydraulic excavators.

The following are key examples for track-type tractors:

  • Undercarriage Assurance Gold – is a leakage and breakage programme for D11 sleeve bearing track. The Gold coverage period is four years or 6 000 hours, whichever occurs first.
  • Undercarriage Assurance Genuine- is a leakage and breakage programme for all other large track-type tractor machines. Genuine coverage is four years or 4 000 hours, whichever occurs first.

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