Ten ton twins break ground at Northern Cape mine

Amanda Roets, Atlas Copco Construction Technique Area Sales ManagerOne of Atlas Copco Construction Technique’s longstanding mining customers recently ordered two HB 10 000 10t hydraulic breakers to increase productivity at their Northern Cape open-cast mining operation.

The mine which produces iron ore and various grades of manganese ore has been a key account for Atlas Copco for over 15 years. Impressed with the high performance and durability of the five Atlas Copco HB 7000 7t hydraulic breakers that have been in operation at the site for over a decade, the mine ordered two HB 5800 (5t) units to meet its surface mining applications including rock breaking after blasting as well as secondary breaking and crushing of rocks before the material moves into feeders.

According to Atlas Copco Construction Technique Area Sales Manager, Amanda Roets, the superior efficiency, excellent performance and unmatched reliability of these heavy hydraulic breakers contribute to increased productivity and improved production on the mine. Features such as low noise and vibration levels which improve operator safety and comfort, along with the fact that they have a low impact on the environment, played a fundamental role in the mine’s decision to order the two ten tonners.  These two heavy weights are the first 10t hydraulic breakers Atlas Copco has supplied in South Africa, a total of nine hydraulic breakers are currently operating at the iron-ore mine.

The 10t breakers’ larger tool diameter creates a bigger footprint and the units have a larger handling capacity and deliver a more powerful hit rate, meeting the mine’s requirement for improved productivity.

The powerful HB range has an operating pressure of between 160 and 180 and a maximum hydraulic input power of 159 kW. The Breakers have an EnergyRecovery system automatically utilising the piston recoil energy to increase the performance without additional hydraulic input and to lower vibrations making the job easier and more efficient. The hydraulic breakers are suitable for a wide range of carriers including wheeled and crawler excavators; 120 ton excavators are recommended for the HB 10 000.

Atlas Copco Construction Tools are certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS18001:2007. The hydraulic breakers conform to the provisions of EC Directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive) and 2000/14/EC (Noise Directive).


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