The cleanest rammers on the market come from Wacker Neuson

AS40e rammer

The AS50e can be used for all traditional rammer work

Low overall emissions at full power:  Wacker Neuson has the right model for all customer needs. The topic of compaction has a long tradition at Wacker Neuson. After all, Hermann Wacker invented the rammer in the 1930s. The first rammer was actually an electric rammer, but over the course of time was replaced with combustion engines due to the urge for more mobility.

Battery-powered rammers

They are emission-free, cable-free and easy to operate: With the two battery-powered rammers AS30e and AS50e are completely free of emissions compared to other solutions on the market. The smaller AS30e model is a special rammer for compacting pipe spandrels. The AS50e can be used for all traditional rammer work.

The battery is independent of the model and can be replaced in a few quick steps without any additional tools. Because of the zero emissions, both battery-powered rammers easily stand up to strict requirements for urban construction areas or working in trenches.  The two battery-powered rammers are characterised by their low total operating costs, since typical maintenance work on conventional rammers, such as on the carburetor, are not applicable here.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries

Wacker Neuson uses lithium iron phosphate batteries. These are above all characterised by their long service life: Even after 1 500 charging cycles, at least 80% of the original battery capacity is still available. Another positive point is the high temperature stability at operating temperatures between –10 and +50 degrees. This makes it ideal for global application in various climate zones. A special safety concept prevents the battery from self-igniting or catching on fire if damaged.

Two-stroke rammers

The time-tested and proven, two-stroke rammers from Wacker Neuson are not completely emission-free, but work with very low emissions. The two-stroke models are driven by the WM 80 engine that is specially designed and developed by Wacker Neuson, which, thanks to its catalytic converter, falls well below all exhaust standard limits. A multi-stage air cleaner system efficiently cleans the intake air, thereby ensuring the long-term operational readiness of the rammer. The two-stroke rammers are therefore the gasoline vibratory rammers with the lowest total emissions on the market.


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